White Jadeite 6mm Round Beads - Grade B

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These 6mm round white jadeite beads are a semi-opaque white with a somewhat coarse surface. They are most likely a polycrystalline quartz (you can see the crystals in the beads). True white jadeite is very expensive.

To attain this bright white opacity, the beads are heat-treated, which has the effect of altering the density inside the bead by driving off moisture. When the beads are again exposed to moisture (water, sweat, etc.), they may lose this opacity and become semi-translucent and a duller color. When the beads dry, they will regain some of their opacity and color. So when possible, avoid exposure to moisture.

I am grading these as grade B because several drill holes are chipped and there's too much size variation in the strand. I am heavily discounting them as well. FYI: I never rephotograph these because they're usually all the same, and white on white is a pain.

  • Bead Size: 6.15mm to 6.9mm
  • Strand Length: 14.75" Minimum
  • Treatments: Waxed. Heated.

Category: 6mm, Misc, Sale, White

Type: Round

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