Tanzanite 6mm Round Beads (10 Beads) - Grade A

Tanzanite is the gem variety of the mineral zoisite and is a spectacular transparent blue, and it's very expensive. According to the book Gemmology by Peter Read, "In 1967, deposits of gem-quality transparent blue zoisite were discovered in Tanzania and given the name 'Tanzanite'. 

These beads are, of course, low-grade tanzanite, but they'll get your feet wet. Watch out for those funky drill holes! They're really rough.

Buy 10 beads here or save money by buying a full strand.

  • Bead Size: 5.95mm to 6.25mm
  • 10 Beads
  • Source: Tanzania
  • Treatments: Waxed. Presumed heated.

Category: 6mm, Blue

Type: Round

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