Sunstone 8mm Round Beads (1 Bead) - Grade A

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Buy one or more of these translucent 8mm round sunstone beads. They have a lovely mottled orange and white coloring, the orange coming from crystals of hematite or copper within the stone. 

Sunstone is actually a trade name, not a mineral species. It's given to members of the feldspar family that are translucent to transparent and display an optical effect called aventurescence caused by light reflecting from inclusions in the stone, typically hematite or copper.

If you buy single beads here, I will just take them from the bin. I don't guarantee that the beads will match in color or size. You can save money by buying a full strand

  • Bead Size: 7.8mm to 8.2mm
  • 1 Bead
  • Origin: Tanzania
  • Treatments: Waxed

Category: 8mm, Orange

Type: Round

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