Chinese Rose Quartz 12mm Faceted Beads - Grade A

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These 12mm faceted rose quartz gemstone beads are semi-opaque to semi-translucent. The beads are very pale pink with some inconsistency in the sizing and drilling. A bead or two may be chipped or unusable.

Because inexpensive Chinese rose quartz is often very pale, beads are typically tumbled in red wax. The larger, more opaque beads are dense enough to be visibly pink without this treatment. I see no evidence of red wax on these beads. 

  • Bead Size: 11.8mm to 12.3mm
  • Strand Length: 15" Minimum
  • Facets: 128
  • Treatments: Waxed

Category: 12mm, Pink

Type: Faceted

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