Malachite 8mm Round Beads - Grade A

These 8mm smooth round natural malachite beads are beautifully cut with a very high polish. I've sorted through my 8mm malachite, and in this listing the banding on most (not all) of the beads is going pretty much in the same direction. (I pulled the strands where the banding is varied and put them in a different listing.) Some of the strands have bolder banding than others. 

Malachite is a relatively soft stone, so it's not appropriate for bracelets unless protected from impact. It also shouldn't be strung next to sharper, harder stones. For example, never string it up against Swarovski crystals. Malachite goes great with gold to create stunning jewelry.

  • Bead Size: 8.1mm to 8.4mm
  • Strand Length: 15.25" Minimum
  • Treatments: Waxed

Category: 8mm, Green

Type: Round

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