Lapis Lazuli 6mm Round Beads (Undyed) - Grade AA

Score! These 6mm round lapis beads are exceptional quality at this price point. They're a deep, dark blue in ambient light and gorgeous ultramarine blue in sunshine. In the lower grades, pyrite has a tendency to make the beads look almost black or have a green cast. The pyrite in these beads has minimal effect. These are closer to grade AAA.

The two pictures shot in sunlight were shot on automatic. The only change I made on my computer was to lighten the shadows 10% on the beads coiled in my hand. The other photo wasn't manipulated at all. (Can you tell I'm excited?)

  • Bead Size: 5.95mm to 6.35mm
  • Strand Length: 15.8" Minimum
  • Source: Afghanistan
  • Treatments: Waxed

Category: 6mm, Blue

Type: Round

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