Lapis Lazuli 10mm Round Beads (Undyed) (1 Bead) - Grade AAAA

Buy these high quality 10mm round Afghanistan lapis beads by the bead. They are an ultramarine blue with small amounts of calcite and pyrite and are very consistent in side with a fabulous, bright polish.

With lapis, the fewer the inclusions, the higher the grade. The highest grade lapis has almost no calcite or pyrite and the coveted ultramarine blue color, but these are hard to come by. I reserve my "top grade" for such beads.

You can buy one or more beads here or save on a full strand.

  • Bead Size: 10mm to 10.3mm
  • 1 Bead
  • Treatments: Waxed.

Category: 10mm, Blue

Type: Round

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