Blue Moonstone 8mm Round Beads - Grade AAAA

These 8mm round blue moonstone beads are clean, off-white, semi-transparent beads that show flashes of blue adularescence (or schiller). This schiller is caused by light entering the beads and reflecting off of internal crystals. The billowy blue schiller appears to float over the bead when you move it.

The picture nowhere comes near to showing the subtle and feminine beauty of these beads with their semi-transparent snowy white and flashy blue schiller. I took some photos outdoors in the shade to show the color in a more natural, subdued lighting.

If you don't need a full strand, you can buy these by the bead.

  • Bead Size: 7.9mm to 8.25mm
  • Strand Length: 16"
  • Treatments: Waxed

Category: 8mm, White

Type: Round

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