Blue Chalcedony 6mm Round Beads (1 Bead) - Grade AAA

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These are my highest quality 6mm round blue chalcedony beads. They have a beautiful periwinkle blue color with consistent color saturation and semi-transparency. Chalcedony is a form of quartz, and the term is typically used to refer to the white, gray, or blue forms of microcrystalline quartz.

Note: I'm seeing some blue color in the drill holes. I've asked my supplier, and he believes it is from the blue thread. He assures me that his beads are not dyed, and I actually believe him. He suggested I have the beads tested and even offered to pay for the testing. I sent a bead off to GIA today (3/28) and will have a report in about three weeks, but I'm paying for it.

I also learned that these beads are not waxed, which means the beads had to go through two more rounds of polishing with diamond powder than most manufacturers perform. The polish is also superior to that of waxed beads. These are truly top quality beads.

Here you can buy single beads or save money by buying a full strand. I do not guarantee matched sets. I just pull from the bin.

  • Bead Size: 6mm to 6.45mm
  • 1 Bead
  • Source: Turkey
  • Treatments: Possibly dyed. Will update when I get the report back.

Category: 6mm, Blue

Type: Round

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