African Amethyst 4mm Round Beads - Grade AAA

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These 4mm round purple African amethyst beads have very good color saturation. I took the photo of the single beads so you could see the color off the string. The amethyst has typical fracturing and color zoning, but the color of these is quite saturated for such small beads.

A few of the beads on the strand have dimpled drill holes that went a little too deep. I see this a lot in amethyst beads (and garnet). You can see one of them right under the E in Nelson on the single-bead shot. The depth of the dimple on most of them won't mar the look of the beads when strung, but I wanted you to know about it.

If you don't need a full strand, you can buy these in packs of 10 beads.

  • Bead Size: 4.5mm to 4.75mm
  • Strand Length: 15.25" Minimum (approx. 92 beads)
  • Source: Africa
  • Treatments: Waxed

Category: 4mm, Purple

Type: Round

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