Sodalite Rough SpecimenSodalite is the name of both a mineral species and a group of minerals that have a structure similar to sodalite.

Normally colorless, white, or a whitish-blue to a well saturated blue, it can show some interesting characteristics depending on species and the presence of certain trace minerals. Some sodalite, when illuminated by UV light, can look as though it is on fire with a bright orange glow!

The variety of sodalite called hackmanite shows an interesting color change, called tenebrescence, changing from white to a dark purple (raspberry red has also been reported) as it is either kept in the dark or exposed to daylight. Unlike the better-known alexandrite color-change effect that occurs instantly, tenebrescence is a slow color change that can take several days to complete.

Sodalite is not synthesized. The main sources are Afghanistan, USA, Canada, Greenland, Brazil, and Namibia.

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