The beads were just as described and I was very happy to able to buy singles in addition to a whole string. Shipping was quick and I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you. ~Alexander K.

Top Quality Beads
The beads I've gotten from Joanne Nelson don't require the inspection and culling I was accustomed to doing. The quality is uniform and excellent, and so consistently better than what I'd found before that I've started her beads separate from everything else on my shelf, even other beads made from the same gemstone. Orders are shipped very quickly and her customer service will reassure you that there is a human being at the other end of the line, working hard to make things turn out well with your order. ~Karen C.

Awesome beads!
Quality beads and you get what you pay for! EVERYTIME I open my package I'm always impressed! Don't have to worry about holding my breath for good beads! Customer service is great! Love love love! ~Nicole E.

Love this seller!~
Great beads, fast shipment and more importantly, an honest representation of the bead's quality. I will be doing business with her again! ~Jill B.

I've placed a few orders with Nelson Beads and have been very happy with each purchase. The beads are always as described, and when she says AAAA quality, she means AAAA quality. I have no reservations about ordering from Nelson's. ~Jb T.

EXCELLENT Quality! Quick Shipping, honest business person (I love it!)
I placed two orders, which means, I could have been charged twice. But without me asking, the orders were shipped in one package and I received a refund for the other shipment. NOTHING is more reassuring than an honest business person. ~Bethel B.

A Wonderful, Trustworthy Site
Buying beads online can be scary because you just don't know what you might get. But I know the beads I get from Nelson Beads have been put under more scrutiny than I would even attempt if shopping at a local bead shop. She truly wants to provide her customers with the best buying experience online. If you buy from Nelson Beads once, you will definitely buy from her again! ~Melisa C.

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